Assistive Technology Resources Copy

AbleData - Assistive Technology Products and Suppliers

Aroga - Assistive Technology Products

Brain Fit training - Activities for the mind

BrainStreams - Education and support for brain injuries

Bridges Canada - Experts in Education and Assistive Technologies

COACH Project from University of Toronto -  to assist with dementia

Fun Brain - Family Education Network

Insight Media Centre - Assistive Technology

Inspirational Software - Software for categorizing ideas

ISAAC - Cognitive prosthesis system for TBI

Lumosity - Brain Games and Brain Training

Mobile Accessibility - Choose the right phone for persons with disabilities

Oralys - Software for people with aphasia, autism, developmental disabilities for learning and communication

Parrot - Software to remediate speech, cognition, language, attention and memory

Posit  Science - Brain training software for memory and thinking

TASC - Telematic Applications Supporting Cognition (symbolic representation, pictures, text)